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  • manisha nandedkar 445 Days ago

    I am Manisha Nandedkar, I have applied with EJ Enterprises on 3rd July, 2020. I got the information about EJ Enterprises through Sakal News Paper. I have applied for the Personal Loan on 3rd July and paid the Fees for the process and disbursement on 3rd and 4th July. It was told to me that the work will be done on Tuesday, on Tuesday I got to know that the work will be done on Thursday. Today, on 8th July, 2020 I got to know that the work will be done on Friday. Due to the change of the dates of the disbursement, I can not give the review. If the work is done on Friday, as it is told that the Agreement will be done and the amount will be disbursed till 7pm in the account. I can change the reviews if my work is done on time. As the fees also is already paid, so expecting the work should be done. Thank you